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Modern Exploration, Inc. - Drilling For America’s Future
Best place to get information on the history of oil and gas, plus how nature created oil and natural gas.

Company Information - Modern Exploration, Inc.
Modern Exploration, Inc. drills and produces oil and gas wells in the United States. Most wells drilled are in Texas.

The History of Oil

How were fossil fuels formed?
How fossil fuels were formed. Contrary to what many people believe, fossil fuels are not the remains of dead dinosaurs.

Drilling For America’s Future
Modern Exploration Presents an Oil Overview.

Selected Pictures
Pictures of the Wendel well, an open hole test, the Duderstadt, Diebel well and, a potential test, a choke, the formation gas frio, and yegua sand

LINKS TO PETROLEUM INFORMATION ON THE WEB - Oil Market Basics, This Weeks Petroleum Information, Department of Energy, The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Office, Energy Information Administration, and more.

Glossary of Oil And Gas Terms
Glossary of Oil And Gas Terms

Frequently Asked Questions

Modern Exploration, Inc. made the cover of an International Magazine!

Flash Slide Show-field operations
Flash Slide Show of field operations of Modern Exploration, Inc., 213 N. Travis Street, Sherman, Texas.

Kids Only Page-Must be less than 18 to enter!
Our Kids Page is best place to use the Kid's safe search of the internet, play games and more. Get information on the history of oil, how oil formed, and oil glossary.

Modern Exploration, Inc. - Landowner's Page
Best place to get information on leasing your land

Landowners Guide - Modern Exploration, Inc.
Oil and gas are valuable commodities. Their presence beneath your land could mean extra income if you choose to grant a lease. This is your guide to leasing.

Oil & Natural Gas Information
For many years, natural gas was discarded as worthless. Even today, some countries still get rid of it by burning it in giant flares so large they can be seen from the Space Shuttle. Yet, it is one of the most valuable fuels we have. Check out this page for oil & gas information.

Researching Property Ownership
How to Research Property Ownership.

Pictures of the Modern Exploration, Inc. No. 1 Staples-Using Patterson Rig # 517

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